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Battlestations! Session 1

Played Battlestations! 2nd Edition last Saturday. Had a blast, our Enemy is running us through the introductory scenarios and we completed the first two in about 4 hours of play. We chose from the pregen characters, and after a full success in the first mission, we leveled them up and used them for the second mission.

The second mission didn't go as well as the first, but we still would have made a full success if my character hadn't been in the wrong place at the wrong time. My character was the Meeks (Lion person) Marine, and his name was Krrrh. He was mostly hanging out in the Cannon module shooting down the incoming missiles. In spite of using up all his luck points, 4 missiles still managed to eventually hit our ship. Three of them hit the Cannon module. Poor Krrrh.

However because of the way character death interacts with the Prestige and Experience progressions, once my clone was activated, Krrrrh is now one rank higher than the other PCs, and slightly behind on experie…

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